Join eTown's SUMMER SQUAD!
eKids exists to support families as they disciple their kids.
Our hope is that we honor our team well and give them a time of rest and refreshment this summer season.
Here's what you need to know:
1. You Are Qualified: Our lessons will be packaged and prepped for you. Easy peasy.
2. It's Not Babysitting: We're laying the foundation for a lifelong faith.
3. It's A lot of Fun: We sing. We craft. We play. ANNNND we talk about Jesus! Nothin' better.
4. You Pick The Date: Select your availability when you sign-up to serve.
Thanks for signing up to serve with eKids and making it possible for our dedicated volunteers to rest and be refreshed!  

To help the church provide a safe and secure environment for the children who participate in eTown, all volunteers go through a background check. We assure you that this is a secure and confidential site.  

Once your form is received, our eKids Campus Coordinators will reach out to you!

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Background Check Authorization (for those 18 and older):

I understand the personal information provided in this application will be held confidential by the Emergence staff.  I hearby authorize Emergence Church to verify all information contained in this application.  I release and hold harmless from all liability Emergence Church, the background check investigation company and any individual or entity requesting or supplying information with respect to my application to volunteer.
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Thank you for joining eTown's Summer Squad!
A Campus Coordinator will be in touch with you soon with all the info you need to serve our little ones well!
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