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{{answer_9731016}}, please write a brief description of how you came to trust Christ as your Savior. *

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Are you currently involved in a community group? *

Are you serving in any other Emergence ministry? *

Great! Which ministry is that?

We're thankful you'd like to serve with eMS. Please list any skills, talents, and credentials you might have that you think would be helpful in student ministry (ex. music, CPR certification, Special Ed degree, volunteer experience, camp counselor experience, technology/sound equipment experience, etc.) *

There are a few different areas to serve in with the ministry. Which of the following are you interested in?

eMS has a Sunday morning (at each campus) and Wednesday evening (at Totowa) program. Which programs are you committed to serving our students in? *

Almost done, I promise! This next section is a bunch of yes/no questions.

Background Disclosure Statement
The information contained in this application will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect. In caring for students at Emergence we believe it is our responsibility to seek volunteers who are able to provide healthy, safe, and nurturing relationships. Please answer the following questions honestly with this in mind. A "yes" to any of the following questions does not automatically preclude you from serving.

Are there any circumstances in your past that would call into question your ability to work with children and to model a Christ-like character to them (ie. addictions, adultery, pornography, etc)? *

Have you ever been charged with a misdemeanor or felony? *

Have you ever been hospitalized, treated for, or struggled with alcohol or substance abuse? *

Do you have any health issues that could place the kids of Emergence at risk? *

Have you ever been denied legal custody of your child/children in any legal proceeding including divorce decrees or settlements? *

Are you currently engaged in any conduct contrary to the teachings of the Bible? *

A background check is conducted on all applicants. Do you have any objections? *

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please explain.


First and last name *

Phone number *

Relationship *

First and last name

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Please list an emergency contact: Name, relation, phone number, and email *

Application Consent and Release *

I hearby authorize Emergence Church to verify all information contained in this application. I understand that this verification may include any inquiry into my motor vehicle driving record, criminal and civil records, as well as other public record information. I authorize the release of such information as may be necessary to verify the information I have provided. I release and hold harmless from all liability Emergence Church, the background check investigation company and any individual or entity requesting or supplying information with respect to my application to volunteer.
eMS Team Member Commitment *

I agree to the following policies of Emergence and refrain from un-biblical conduct in the performance of my services on behalf of the church. I understand the personal information provided in this application will be held confidential by the Emergence Church staff. Should my application be approved, I will commit to:
* practicing the safety and security policies of Emergence
* preparing for ministry by reviewing lesson plans prior to service
* supporting and praying for Emergence families, specifically the children I serve
* personal growth in my relationship with Christ by attending services and being connected in community
Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this form. You will be contacted soon from the Emergence Student Director for Middle School! (I promise eMS is way more fun than filling out this form was)

God bless
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